How to improve your life energy in 5 simple and powerful steps

As we live our daily lives, we interact with many different people and places. Some of them are going to be wholesome, happy and uplifting. Some of them are going to be a sad, angry or even depressed.

These qualities, emotions and disturbances also exist as a form of invisible energy that influences us greatly, positively and negatively, whether we are aware of it or not. The negative energies can lead to abnormal tiredness, stress, irritation, emotional instability and even physical pain.

For example, have you ever been to an awkward family gathering that kept irritating you even a week after it had passed? Or have you been to a business meeting where everyone was tired and uninspired to the point that you couldn’t get motivated to do anything useful for the rest of the working day?

We want to offer ways to clean and protect yourselves energetically from negative external and internal influences and positively transform your inner responses to challenging circumstances so it doesn’t affect you so much anymore.

Cleanse your energy with a salt bath

We all love a shower to clean ourselves, but have you considered your energetical hygiene. There is a way to take care of this to. Not only with water, but with salt as well. Water absorbs energy and salt disintegrates it and breaks dirty energy down.

After taking a shower still being wet you can scrub yourself in with salt. Applying it all over your body, be careful with your face and erogenous zones, it could sting a bit. You can also make a scrub so its softer for your skin. If you make a scrub you can consider adding lavender oil to the mixture. This has certain psychological benefits; it cleanses and balances the chakras.

If the salt / mixture is not removed within a certain period It could start affecting healthy energy, because the salt does not discriminate. To be safe a rule of thumb should be to remove the salt after 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take a salt Bath of 15 to 20 minutes. You can use 1kg of salt. The temperature of the bath should be 38-40 degrees. If the temperature is to low or high, the technique might be less effective. Again, it’s possible to add lavender oil, 7 to 10 drops.
This will make you feel refreshed and unburdened. Doing this daily will greatly add to your quality of life. Potentially preventing diseases from manifesting and disposing of the pent-up unwholesome energies collected throughout the day.

Revitalize yourself with deep breathing

It’s everywhere, but we don’t tend to get out enough as much as we should, especially if you live in the city. It’s physical and psychological benefits are often greatly undervalued.

As babies, we are born doing deep abdominal breathing, but due to many circumstances, like a fast lifestyle, traumas experienced, stress, improper diet and working in unwholesome environments we start to develop an unnatural shallow way of breathing that creeps in slowly over time, so that we get used to it and don’t even realize it is improper.

Maybe you have not learned of the importance or benefits of deep breathing but here is what it can offer you. Deep abdominal breathing helps us to absorb more fresh air and life energy – or prana – and expel old used up air and energy.

What is deep abdominal breathing? As you fill your lungs with air your abdomen should expand slightly, and as you release the used-up air from your lungs your abdomen should naturally contract. Make sure the breath is not to high up against the diafram. You don’t need to over-expand or over-contract your abdomen because it would make breathing unnecessarily difficult.
Here are some exercises you can do to test if deep abdominal breathing will make you feel more energized.

Holding your breath between inhaling and exhaling is called retention. Holding the breath after in inhaling is called full retention, holding the breath after exhalation is called empty retention.
Deep Breathing with retention
1 Connect your tongue to your palate. This helps circulate the energy.
2 Do deep abdominal breathing cycle:
- Inhale slowly
- retain your breath shortly
- Exhale slowly
- Retain your breath shortly before inhaling again
3 Practice the breathing cycle for 3 to 12 times depending on how relaxed you feel during the practice.

It has been observed that by retaining your breath after exhalation a tremendous amount of life energy or prana rushes in and spreads into all parts of the body.
The practice of this simple technique should give immediate effects.

It is recommended that you practice the breathing exercises in places with fresh air, in nature, or calm indoor places with the windows open. Because of the energy being inhaled, it is better to avoid places such as bathrooms, close to bathrooms, waste disposal locations, or in very stressful environments.

Do not overdo the breathing. Please use common sense. If discomfort is experienced or sluggishness due to the exercises, stop doing the breathing exercise. You could also do some simple physical exercise to expel dirty energy and assimilate the clean energy properly.
This may help you to reduce stress, have more clarity and more vitality to name just a few positive effects. If one would practice this simple technique daily there could be semi-permanent benefits, mainly the increased ability to work and not get tired or the ability to recharge quickly.

Be in nature, hug a tree

It’s everywhere, but we don’t tend to get out enough as much as we should, especially if you live in the city. It’s physical and psychological benefits are often greatly undervalued.

Nature is vital to our health. It is well known for example that plants and trees clean the air we breathe. We would like to share some of the tips we have experienced and tested in connecting with nature to improve your life.

There are energetical aspects to nature that most people are not so aware of. Plants and trees absorb Prana or subtle life energy from the sun through their leaves and ground Prana through their roots. Healthy plants and trees tend to have a lot of excess Prana that they can also give of to their surroundings. When we walk in the forest, we tend to unconsciously absorb this energy into ourselves. This vitalizes us and gives us a good and happy feeling.

Here is a technique on how to do this more consciously.
Drawing in Pranic Energy from a tree:
- For this you need a strong and big tree preferably in a forest or park.
- Get close to the tree and
- Close your eyes.
- Humbly ask and thank the being of the tree for absorbing their excess life energy
- Have the intention to draw the excess energy of the tree to revitalize yourself
- Do deep breathing and visualize energy going from the tree to your body

Due to nature’s tendency to create a balance of co-existence also known as the circle of life for you Lion King fans out there. Being in nature also brings us back to a more grounded version of ourselves. Helps us make sense of our own place in the universe. Far away from the confining artificial constructs of our modern-day society.
We can just sit on the grass in a field and reflect on our life and all of existence itself and gain a deeper understanding of who we are and who we want and need to be. It’s amazing and I believe most of you if not all will know what I am talking about.

Meditate on your connection with nature and your own essence.
Find a quiet place in a forest, beach, park or mountain
Make sure its not close to a waste disposal facility like a septic tank.
- Close your eyes
- Have the intention to connect with nature
- Allow yourself to get to a state of peace and stillness
- Be more and more aware of yourself and at the same time be aware of nature surrounding you.
- Connect with the nature beings connected with the different plants and trees by simply thanking them and asking for healing and deeper insights in your own nature.
Be still be aware

We love to hear from you how practicing these techniques has helped you.

Forgive and be free

In our lives we get hurt every now and then by others and we experience anger or frustration about what has happened in the past. Usually the people who are closest to us hurt us the most. The connections we have with people can be a loving one but also one of anger and frustration. How do you break the negative cycle? You forgive.

Maybe you are thinking:
I don't need to forgive someone who has never apologized to me.
Or even:
this person is so wrong that there should and can be no forgiveness.

There are 2 ways of practicing forgiveness:
- Inner forgiveness: Have you ever had something happen to you, a fight or a conflict that you could not forget about it for days, months or years? Love can connect but anger and negative memories can also bind people together. Inner forgiveness is about honestly forgiving someone, a situation or yourself. Allowing yourself to be free of the burden of resenting by actively working to let go of the past hurts and mistakes. The act of forgiving breaks the negative cycle. Sometimes we need to forgive consciously again and again to achieve peace.
- Outer forgiveness: We forgive the person who has done something that we feel crossed the line. We make peace with the person and release our self from the hurt just like in inner forgiveness, but this time we don’t only do the inner work we also repair the broken relationship. We connect in love in stead of anger and say the words and take the actions necessary that show there is a true wish for reconciliation.

It is advisable to practice Inner forgiveness towards everyone. Outer forgiveness on the other hand is something that needs to be considered on a case by case basis. Sometimes the offense is so severe you might become necessary to take action to protect yourself. Maybe even having to remove someone from your life completely. Even if we sometimes can not practice outer forgiveness and reconciliation, we can always do inner forgiveness.

Forgiveness is most effective if you can really allow yourself to be honest about what you feel, that is the only way forgiveness will really have any effect. To illustrate, if you only say to someone that you forgive them, but internally you are still thinking or acting towards the person or the situation with anger, sadness or resentment. That is not real forgiveness. External forgiveness without honest internal forgiveness does not solve the feelings nor the negative connection with people.

Forgiveness gives you the ability to grow and be free. It is therapeutic, it heals the soul and the heart.

We now want to share with you a structured way to practice forgiveness:
Visualize the person in front of you. Silently say:
I salute the divinity within you _______ (3x).
I forgive you for any harm you have done to me or that I feel you did to me. I also ask forgiveness for any harm I have caused you at any time, on any level.
Making mistakes is part of learning. We are all evolving. I forgive you. I ask you also for forgiveness.
I let it go in peace.
To the Supreme Being and all the beings that guide and help me on my path, thank you for healing me. Thank you for transmuting the negative emotions, the negative energies I have towards _______.
May ______ and family be blessed with good health, happiness, joy, peace, love and light. May my family and I be blessed with good health, happiness, joy, peace, love and light.
May peace be with you, may peace be with me.
With gratitude, respect and love, I thank.

Love... listen to your heart

Our social media newsfeeds, the movies we watch and religion or spirituality we practice, all are filled with messages, stories and quotes about love.

For example:

Love is the food that makes the soul grow,

It’s through love that we find the inner strength to learn from the mistakes we make every day. When someone loves and supports us, we can feel great happiness and empowerment to be better people.

Follow your heart,

When we have a great passion for something we are filled with love. If something is truly important to us and we put our hearts into it. It feels like nothing can stop us and we will have great energy and drive for it. If you listen to your heart it can be a compass to guide you to where you really want and need to be.

Love is the infinite truth that cannot be destroyed....

The heart, the center of love is called Anahata in the ancient Sanskrit language, it translates as "that which is unbroken “. It is said that the plan the Soul makes before incarnating is stored within the heart.

To summarize. The heart is fueled by love. By love for others and maybe even more importantly by love for ourselves. When we are filled with love, we become Anahata, we become unbroken.

This is all easier said than done, it probably is one of the most difficult challenges in our live that we will ever face. But as we try, we learn so much and in so doing empower ourselves. Love is a big word, it can also be called kindness, compassion, mercy, generosity, sweetness, tenderness and caring. Love expresses itself in many ways, and from that perspective we can feel and share love with everyone.

If you have ever experienced that the smile of someone you don’t even know made your day just a little bit lighter if only for a moment, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

Though this might sound counter intuitive we are able to train ourselves in becoming more loving as a way of improving our lives and in so doing the world.

A few things you can do are:

Doing meditation on loving Kindness
Practice forgiveness regularly
Building good character by actively trying to be loving and generous
Being mindful of also taking good care of yourself and not neglecting your personal needs.

Remember, it is in giving that we receive, let love be the compass in life and it will be greatly blessed. Be the love that you want to see in the world and in so doing heal ourselves and the entire earth.