Full Moon Meditation

Have you experienced that the Full Moon has an effect on you and your well being?
Maybe you have more energy or perhaps you have trouble sleeping.... Did you know that the most babies are born during the full moon?

We have experienced first hand that the full moon has a strong effect on our well being and emotional state. Why is this and how can we use this to better our selves and the earth?

Everything is energy and just like the tides it has ebb and flow.. The energy on the earth is strongest at the moment of the Full Moon. Just like the moon controls the flow of the oceans.
Our bodies consist of 70% water so its not hard to see why it affects us as well. We have experienced that the full moon is a great opportunity for spiritual growth because of the increased energy on the planet. A great time to join in meditation to help spread love in the world and within our selves.

Like many of the spiritual schools and mystery schools we unite every month to celebrate the full moon with an interactive lecture on a spiritual topic. For example love the food of the soul where we explore compassion and how we can be more loving in our daily life. We will practice the Meditation on Twin hearts (link) together and we will experience first hand how we can use this increased energy to not only help us but also be of service to the world. We would love it if you join us at Sampoorna Yoga

What the teachers say on the full moon...

Meditation is a potent method of service to humanity when the mind is used as a channel for the reception of the energies of light and love and the will-to-do-good and their direction into human consciousness. And the moment of the full moon each month offers the greatest opportunity for meditation – particularly in group formation – to be used as a means of cooperation with the divine Plan or Intention for our world.

One may ask, what has the moon got to do with it? The energies of light and love and the will-to- good are always available to those who can contact them in meditation. But in all aspects of our planetary life there are cycles in the ebb and flow of spiritual energies with which groups, as well as individuals, can consciously cooperate. One of the major energy cycles coincides with the phases of the moon, reaching its peak, its high tide, at the time of the full moon. This is a time, therefore, when the channelling of energy through group meditation can be uniquely effective.

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