Pranic Psychotherapy Course

Do you know people who are in emotional or mental distress? Do you feel at a loss in how to help them?

Do you know people who are in emotional or mental distress? Do you feel at a loss in how to help them? Do your daily obligation at work and at home cause you stress and are you looking for relief? Or is the state of current world affairs really getting you down? Maybe your child is suffering from anxiety or other behavioral problems?

Then the Pranic Psychotherapy course is for you.

To receive healing for minor and major injuries and illnesses is all well and good, but more often than not the root of the issue can be traced back to psychological imbalances. For example: Severe work related stress, depression, child hood trauma, phobia’s and obsessions just to name a few.

The psychological distress that these imbalances cause can lead the immune system and overall health to decrease in turn making the body susceptible to physical illness. This means that Pranic psychotherapy besides being a fantastic tool to handle deep seated psychological issues is also very good at preventing the manifestation of physical illness. Provided it is applied with some discipline and consistency.

The knowledge and techniques taught in this course build upon the information shared in the basic and advanced Pranic Healing courses.

The main obsticals are within you. The key is within you

Master Choa Kok Sui

A summary of what you will learn at the course:

  • The etherical nature of psychological maladies
  • Psychological functions of the major chakras
  • The anatomy of the chakra and the protective webs
  • What are thought forms and elementals
  • Removing negative thought forms and negative elementals
  • Sealing cracks in protective webs
  • The importance of prayer and compassion in effective psychotherapy
  • Psychological Hygiene, developing positive habits and mindsets
  • The practice of various protocols like: Stress, Phobias, Addiction, Depression ect.

You will learn how to remove thoughts and emotions in the energy body that are disturbing you, your loved ones or clients and in so doing giving the person room to psychologically breath so to speak. Techniques will be provided that can effectively help you develop positive wholesome habits and break down the unwanted unhealthy ones.

Of course standard psychotherapeutic practices still apply if deemed necessary. Pranic Healing can be a complement to any case and might lead towards the breakthrough you have been searching for.

All Pranic Healing® courses are “experiential,” which means that you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class – on yourself and those around you. During class, all the principles will be explained thoroughly and you will practice the techniques so you will be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you finish the course.

In The school of Pranic Healing we offer many courses on energy work and spirituality, but this course will give you a well-rounded educational foundation to broaden and deepen your capacities even further. After the Pranic Healing Level 3 Course you will receive a certificate from the institute of Inner Studies In Manilla the global Umbrella Organization for Pranic Healing.

The price of the Pranic Healing level 3 course is €484. you can reserve your spot by doing a 25% downpayment here or if you like the full payment. Your reservation for the Pranic Healing Course is confirmed when you have finalized the downpayment.

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