What is Pranic Healing…

And how can it help you?

Maybe sometimes you feel stress or pain and wished there was simple and effective way to deal with it.
Pranic Healing can help with that.

“I had pain close to my liver for a long time. With Pranic Healing, the pain was gone after the first session. I also feel that each session helps me to release emotions from the past I was struggling with, and to remove old beliefs. At the end of the sessions, I feel lighter and I have a clearer mind.”– Mélanie.

How is it done? It’s not magic. Pranic Healing is done by:

  1. Energetical diagnosis of the energy system
    This is done using the hands to sense the disbalances in the aura and chakras that are the cause of the physical or emotional issues.
  2. Removing unhealthy energy from the energy body
    By using very advanced and yet simple techniques, the diseased energy causing the physical or emotional disbalance is removed.
  3. Energizing the energy body with healthy life energy, or prana
    By adding healthy prana, the chakra or part of the body have the energy needed for a faster and more efficient healing of the issues.

It is a simple, easy to learn and practical no-touch healing system that can also be done when patient and healer are not physically together, meaning, it can be done distantly. Pranic Healing uses a cook-book approach providing protocols for many known diseases and injuries. For example: back pain, heart problems, stress and depression. In fact, anyone who can follow simple instructions can learn to heal themselves and others.

Life energy is also known in different cultures and traditions under different names for example:

  • Prana, from the ancient Indian language called Sanskrit
  • Chi, like the Chinese practice of Tai Chi and Chi kung
  • Ki, from the Japanese traditions of Reiki and Aikido
  • Ruach, in the kabbalistic tradition
  • Pneuma, the ancient Greek word used in medical theories of the time
  • Mana, in the Polynesian culture.

Master Choa Kok Sui developed Pranic Healing after decades of research and experimentation with the help of his colleagues. He created simple techniques that can learned by everyone. He distilled and synthesized complex subject matter concerning healing, psychic abilities, mysticism, esotericism, yoga and more. This resulted into an energy healing system that is simple to understand and can be easily applied in our daily lives. It builds and improves upon ancient techniques addated and updated for the modern world.

Pranic Healing uses laws of nature which people do not know or are not aware of

Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Healing is based on 2 natural laws:

1. The law of self recovery: The body has the ability to heal itself at a certain rate.

2. The law of life energy: For life to exist the body must have life energy or prana.

There are many ways to help the body repair itself. Some of the methods involve the healing of the part that is not visible to most: the energy body. The energy body, also know as the etheric double, is the mold for our physical body.

When we get sick, the disease can be found in our physical body but also in our energy body. By treating the etheric body, the physical body can be healed. Pranic Healing allows us to remove diseased energy and then add fresh life energy to the part of the energy body where it is needed to speed up the natural healing of the whole body.

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace conventional medicine but rather to compliment it. If an ailment persists or symptoms are severe, please consult a medical doctor and a Pranic Healer with a good reputation. Pranic Healing has been made to work well with medical science. It can be used by nurses and doctors in their practices and hospitals alongside their standard procedures as a prevention method or as a healing method for treating physical and emotional issues.

What to expect from a Pranic Healing session

We have explained a bit what Pranic Healing is but what does a session look like?
We start with the patient sharing what the issue is and how to best help them. Then, the therapist works on rebalancing the patient’s energy from the chakras, aura and the parts of the body. Most people experience a Pranic Healing treatment as a relaxing and uplifting experience both during and after the session.

Distant Pranic Healing works just like healing in each other’s presence, but it is done online, which can be very practical.

If you are curious about it and think Pranic Healing could help you, Juliana offers Pranic Healing sessions in Brussels or distantly. You can book your session here. You can also learn this effective, modern and easy to learn healing technique yourself. Check the schedule for the next classes.

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