Meditation on Twin Hearts

Do you want to experience more inner peace? Maybe you would like to be more in touch with yourself. What if meditation could give you all that and at the same time help to make the world better?

We often hear “meditation is not for me” or “I have tried and failed” We hear you and we have experienced the difficulty of quieting the mind as well. In our search for a method that works we found the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

One of the reasons this meditation is so powerful is because it works with the energy of love and compassion to cleanse our body, emotions and mind from any negative energies that could disturb or distract us.

The meditation is called Twin Hearts because it activated two energy centers or chakras of love. The heart and the crown. In the meditation on Twin Heart we start by guiding you to first activate your heart, the center of personal love or the love we experience for our friends and family. We will allow our heart to be filled with warmness, tenderness and joy. As the heart expands we will bless the whole earth every being with Loving Kindness using the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. As the energy flows through us to the Earth we are also be blessed with the same energy of Loving Kindness, peace and compassion for It is in giving that we receive.

Meditation is the gateway to heaven within

Master Choa Kok Sui

Once the heart is sufficiently activated, you’re guided in activating the Crown, the center of universal love or divine love. We bless the Earth, every person and being with love, peace, light, mercy and compassion. Then we bless the earth through both the heart & crown center. This fills us with tremendous purifying light and in the process makes us instruments of peace to help the Earth be regenerated, healed and purified as well.

After blessing we use the built up energy to raise and expand your consciousness. Listening to the mantra OM, meditating on the light and the internal stillness. One of the reasons this meditation will let you experience the stillness much more effectively is because we have prepared ourselves by the blessings we did. Because of that we have quite the mind and It becomes relatively easy to find stillness, peace and heightened awareness. This can be used to experience divine bliss, self-healing & oneness with all.

Afterwards you will be guided to return to the body and bless the earth again, to release excess energy and to become rooted to mother earth. This helps you to balance your system and be able to effectively pick up your normal practical daily activities

It is required to do some light exercises before and after the meditation to prepare the physical body for the tremendous downpour of energy. Otherwise the body might experience difficulty process and releasing all the energy which can lead to congestion in the energy body that can lead to discomfort and even illness.

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