Twin Hearts Meditation
Online in English

Taught by MCKS, the Twin Hearts Meditation is great to release stress, bring more peace and to send love and kindness to the Earth.

Online on Mondays, 8:00 to 8:45 pm

Link to join:

Méditation des Coeur Jumeaux
En ligne en franças

Enseignée par MCKS, la Méditation des Coeurs Jumeaux est idéale pour libérer le stress, apporter plus de paix et envoyer de l’amour et de la gentillesse à la Terre.

Pranic Healing Clinics
English, Français

Donation based clinics of Pranic Healing. Join us to release physical or emotional pain, or if you want to release stress.

Meditation in Presence
In Brussels

Join us just before the Pranic Healing Clinics to meditate together. At Av Louise 505, Brussels

Pranic Healing CoursesLearn to do it yourself

You can also use the power in your hands to help yourself and others.

There’s nothing basic about the Basic Pranic Healing Course. Join us for 2 days of deep and amazing teachings of MCKS.