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Spread light to the Earth: Free online Twin Hearts Meditation

By October 8, 2020 March 15th, 2022 No Comments

Every Wednesday

20:30 – 21:15

You can sign up here and get the details to join:

As you know, the world is going through a tough time with the corona virus and we are feeling the effects of it in our day to day life.
If you want to be a part of the bright side, join us with an online meditation to help yourself and also help the world get through this challenging time.
The basis of this meditation is that we share with others what we want for ourselves. The Twin Hearts Meditation does that as we become a channel for loving energies to the entire Earth. It also helps strength the energy body when done regularly. When we do this meditation in groups it has a multiplying effect and we hope you can join us and help.
We are going to meditate online for 30 minutes, every week on Zoom. Let’s help dispel the darkness with light and be more centered within ourselves.
Please move your body in simple physical exercises before and after the practice to help integrate the energy of the meditation properly.


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