Juliana Cruz

When I learned about Pranic Healing, from some friends, I wasn't very familiar with the world of an invisible energy. I decided to take the Basic Pranic Healing course after I had a 20-minute Pranic Healing session since I wanted to try to understand what was happening to me when the person was "moving his hand in front of me".

The Basic Pranic Healing Class opened my mind a little more to this healing energy, as the class is taught in a very intelligent and simple way. To present something complex in a way that everyone can understand shows the excellent design of this course, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

Right from the beginning I started with a group of volunteers at a daycare center for elderly people in a slum in Rio de Janeiro where we would performe healings on patients with physical problems such as strokes, varicose ulcers and high blood pressure, and psychological ailments, like depression and hallucinations. Thanks to this amazing group I got to practice Pranic Healing and receive an enormous amount of love from other people, too.

Pranic Healing classes were the gateway to going deeper into my spirituality practices.

In Belgium I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful group of people on the path to spreading loving kindness, physical healing and inner healing.

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