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With a clean aura and balanced chakras you manifest who you truly are.

Pranic Healing treatment

Life energy, or Prana, is what your body requires to function. It is possible to direct Prana to help the healing process and restore the body’s natural balance. Pranic Healing is the art and science of energy healing that harmonizes the entire system.
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A powerful Meditation

What if meditation could not only calm your mind and emotions, but also help to heal the world? Twin Hearts Meditation guides you through a journey towards inner peace while blessing the entire earth.
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Pranic Healing Course in Belgium - Belgique - of Master Choa Kok Sui - MCKS IIS

Pranic Healing Course

Everyone can learn how to heal using life energy, or Prana. Come to our 2-day course where you will learn simple and effective techniques and immediately be able to apply them. Discover the power in your hands to help yourself and others.
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Basic Pranic Healing Course in Belgium
18 mars, 2024

Cours de Base Pranic Healing

Basic Pranic Healing from Master Choa Kok Sui Formation de Base Pranic Healing de Maître Choa Kok Sui 4 et 5 mai 2024 A Bruxelles…
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Love is the food that makes the soul grow

Master Choa Kok Sui
About the Founder of Pranic Healing

Get to know us

Get to know Juliana from Light of Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing therapist and Pranic Healing instructor in Belgium, Juliana is an engineer by training with a doctorate in science.

With all the changes life brings, Pranic Healing has given her not only physical and emotional healing, but also a true meaning and purpose to her life.

These priceless teachings continuously uplift and illuminate her.

She experiences great joy spreading the benefits of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga to as many people as possible to help heal and unlock their inner potential.

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Every Pranic Healing session has helped me get to deeper and deeper levels of living my fullest life. The healing has greatly helped open my system to accessing my innate knowing and abilities much beyond what was open prior to each session.

HannahEmotional Disbalance

During Pranic Healing I'm experiencing very intense sensations in my body. I feel my nervous system is getting balanced. At the end of the session there is a heightened sense of clarity and balance. I feel definitely more energised.

SvetaChronic Allergies and weakness

Pranic Healing has helped me gain a unique perspective on live and death that helped my father leave his body with peace and dignity.

StephanTerminal care

Pranic Healing gives me a lot more energy, so I am able to work. The sessions allow me to connect with my inner child too.

IngridChronic Fatigue Syndrome

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